My mission is to empower women: Heal, grow and love yourself!


I'm Lovisa

I used to live a life of denial until it all came to a point of no return – what sometimes is called the dark night of the soul.

As I had hit rock bottom, standing ready to jump from a roof top, I had a moment of indescribable clarity when I realized I had taken myself to be somebody I was not.

Goddess grace, I didn't jump that evening.

Instead, my healing journey began and with it a growing desire and determination to help others!

Throughout the years I have educated myself in meditation, yoga, biodynamic healing and feminine embodiment. For almost a decade I have studied the Vedic wisdom teaching Advaita Vedanta, that step-by-step take you to the recognition that you are full and complete.

Sacred Communication is where I bring it all together, leading the way to a life in loving-compassion.


  • Introduction to meditation with 5 steps to follow for a successful and sustainable practice

  • 3 meditations to get you started right away

  • My #1 tip on how to keep up with your meditation practice

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Inner peace with ease: Learn to meditate today!

Discover benefits like increased well being, better focus and clarity of mind through the practice of meditation.

This mini course will guide you into a meditation practice that will support you for the rest of your life.


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